External Works

Tree Looping

Trees are wonderful additions to gardens and lawns. In some cases though, overgrown trees can affect the aesthetic and safety aspects of your property. Our qualified tree surgeon can advise you on your trees’ health and safety, and the correct aesthetic and arboricultural management of all tree species.

Our team consists of experts with many years of experience and strong background in landscaping and garden maintenance. We do not just cut down branches; we make sure the tree will be reshaped properly to blend with the general landscape design and thrive for years to come.

Our team at External Works is also efficient in limiting the height of trees. They are skilled in the application of guide wires to help branches grow in the desired directions.

We offer tree surgery services keeping in mind the health of the trees and the applicable regulations. We are not only concerned with the aesthetic aspects of pruning trees; we make sure they are healthy enough to live and flourish. This is why we include tree assessments and reports in our services. We remove dead branches and limbs to allow new shoots to grow.

Mature and well managed trees have been proven to attract shoppers, clients and customers and encourage them to stay longer than sites lacking them. In a climate such as ours the inclusion of shady trees in your landscape is a huge asset and not one to be squandered. Do not despair if your gutters are becoming clogged – we can advise a pruning schedule and low cost products to allow you to keep your healthy tree and avoid the annoyance and expenditure associated with ailing gutters.

Our Operations Manager is a qualified tree surgeon, so before you call in the loppers to fell that established Eucalypt or nuisance Sheoak, give us a chance to save your tree, save you power in air conditioning, and save you the hassle that such mighty flora can deliver.

We will make common sense, easy to understand recommendations, and explain our proposals in clear English so that you can make an informed decision.