External Works

Graffiti Removal

One of our primary goals is to preserve and improve the exterior appeal of your property. We understand that vandals are among the most common enemies of property owners today. Unsightly graffiti can ruin the appearance of a property and negatively affect a potential client’s perception of your business.

External Works has a team of graffiti removal specialists who can help you restore the appearance of your walls and other areas that were vandalised. With many years of experience in this kind of job, our specialists are competent in removing graffiti in a safe and effective way. To do this effectively, our team uses different methods depending on the amount of graffiti, the material used by the vandal, and the type of wall surface. All of our products are safe for the technicians and the environment and do not leave unpleasant odours or residue.

Our state of the art glass graffiti removal system allows the removal of unsightly scratches and vandalism at a fraction of the cost of a new pane. The system is unique to External Works in Western Australia and can be utilised on all glass finishes by our highly trained technician. The glass will be as good as new.

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