External Works

Landscaping Services Perth

The Western Australian sun can assist you in creating a beautiful outdoor space… or it can quickly destroy an unsuitable garden. External Works are able to best advise you on the most appropriate selection of flora for your commercial property, ensuring your landscape is both hardy and attractive throughout the year without wasting water.

Often, new clients do not understand why a garden has failed to thrive, or is looking very dejected after only a couple of years. It is very important to consider not only the needs of the occupier, but the needs of the plants and soil also.

External works have a vast catalogue of plants and shrubs, trees and turf that are suitable for nearly all environments in the state of WA. We can show you how they will look, how they will grow, and what plants do well planted near to one another. We can also advise against specimens that will create problems in years to come, where a customer’s choice might require greatly differing water needs thereby reducing the chances of success for one or more units.

We are able to utilise native and exotic planting and match it to your environment, soil type and preferences to ensure a strong and lasting impression. From 10 to 10,000 square metres, we can guide you through difficult choices or compile a complete proposal – call us today for an obligation free discussion.

Remember that External Works landscape services combine all the trades usually hired separately, thereby alleviating the unnecessary irritation and uncertainty that can accompany such a project and reducing the cost, and the likelihood of delays, difficulties in coordinating tradesmen, and the associated possibility of over spend.