External Works

External Works has a team of in-house irrigation specialists, highly experienced and qualified in Western Australia.

From the largest shopping centre or industrial complex to much smaller properties, there is no issue that we will not have diagnosed and repaired. Our team is highly efficient and supported by the latest technology to identify your problems and keep your gardens green at all times.

We offer both maintenance solutions for your existing reticulation, additions or complete redesigns of older, failing systems or those unsuitable for expanding premises. We attend to you as quickly as possible and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that availability of parts is always paramount.

As part of our commitment to responsible use of resources, we will always offer the most water wise solution to keep your green spaces in top order with minimum wastage.

External Works are committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in reticulation technology, liaising frequently with accepted experts in the industry. Both here and in the USA changes are afoot to manage the volume of water used by irrigation systems, and we will be able to advise all customers on how best to maximise every drop that is used.

Our systems can be installed for as little as $500 for small gardens, and the peace of mind offered by an automated solution means you can concentrate on running your business without the minor distractions!

Whether it’s garden beds, lawn areas or potted gardens, we have a water wise, cost effective, low impact system perfect for your company. Feel free to call us for a consultation. Save both your cash and Perth’s water by utilising our comprehensive expertise.