External Works

External Cleaning and Sweeping

The appearance of external paving, paths and car parks has a significant impact on the presentation of your property. Maintaining your building and gardens will only have limited impact if you do not maintain your large hardstand areas. This is of special importance to clients with properties fronting busy roads.

External Works has a range of specialised equipment for cleaning and maintaining of large car park and paved areas. External Works can mechanically sweep large areas or high-pressure clean stained or dirty paving, walls and remove the majority of motor oil stains from car parks.

Usually attracting a premium price tag, hire of sophisticated ride on car park sweepers can be seen as a luxury that cannot be afforded. By choosing External Works as your landscape and gardening services contractor, you access our huge range of additional services.

We own a number of professional cleaning and sweeping machines that will leave any surface looking its best. Don’t forget to ask about our high pressure cleaning service as well, to rejuvenate limestone walls, filthy walk ways, and simply blast away bore stains, cobwebs, oil marks, graffiti, chewing gum and many, many more undesirable marks.

Any client wishing their premises to be swept simply needs to advise us of the fact before their scheduled service, and we can perform the sweep as part of their allotted visit. Why pay $100 per hour when we can take care of the service upon request for no additional cost, or as part of a pre-agreed maintenance schedule that allow you to simply book and forget, safe in the knowledge that we look after your outdoor space as well as we do our own.

External Works will simultaneously clean and sweep your external areas and maintain your gardens and lawns, thereby ensuring your property is always looking its best.