External Works

Commercial Garden Maintenance

We recognise that the presentation of a commercial premises garden is a powerful tool to demonstrate your core business values to existing and potential clients. We are also conscious that owners require good value, water wise compliance and ease of maintenance to keep future costs low. We have a great deal of experience creating, adapting and maintaining that special mix of form and function that makes a great commercial garden.

We will develop for you a customised annual program which will include all the key components necessary to maintain your external areas. The program will include the following essential tasks which will be required throughout or at a specific time of the year;


Lawn Maintenance

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Spraying for Weeds & Pests
  • Lawn Fertilising
  • Coring and De-Thatching

Garden Maintenance

  • Shrub Pruning
  • Garden Fertilising
  • Garden Spraying for Weeds & Pests
  • Garden Mulchin

Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Pruning and Looping
  • Tree Fertilising

Irrigation Maintenance

  • Lawn Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance
  • Garden Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance
  • New Irrigation Installations

Sweeping, Blowing and Vacuuming

  • Car Park, Path and Outdoor Area Sweeping and Blow Downs
  • Vacuuming of Outdoor Areas

Site Specific Tasks

  • Other Tasks As Required